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Q: Is magic beans an ad agency or a production company?
A: Both. We are happy to provide production services to other agencies. Our strength lies in being able to streamline the creative process. By combining agency and production under one very large roof, we can craft ideas in-house and bring them to life on our own stages.

Q: I’ve tried other marketing/production/advertising agencies before. How is Magic Beans different?
A: We are fully integrated, fully digital and specialize in working with children. We can offer far more for far less than anyone else, and excel at telling stories that build brands and sell products.

Q: How can we measure success?
A: The rise of the internet makes it much easier to quantify the impact of a video. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter offer clear ways to measure brand loyalty, with impressions, shares, and followers providing a snapshot of how many people are responding to a campaign. For more detailed return on investment (ROI) metrics, we have a partnership with consulting group Milestone Internet and can measure everything from how long a viewer spends interacting with each piece of marketing to what percentage of viewers go on to purchase from your company’s website.

Q: What is your experience with social media? How can you use social media to help my brand?
A: We believe that all marketing media are connected. Television, web, print, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest are all tools that can be harnessed to promote your brand; the best campaigns engage viewers in multiple ways and across multiple platforms.

Q: I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Can you help?
A: We’re happy to offer a free consultation! We can help you figure out what’s right for promoting your unique brand, including an estimate for specific work that our creative team recommends.

Q: Why don’t all digital agencies run their own production companies?
A: We believe that the “studio” model is the future of advertising. In the world of the internet, clients need more content on lower budgets with faster turn around. It often doesn’t make sense to pay fees to both the agency and the production company, or to spend precious resources on hiring outside vendors to provide sets and equipment. We are a one-stop shop, with an incredible team, and can compete with just about anyone on both price and quality.