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Magic Beans Showreel 2014


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Magic Beans Showreel 2014

stinkyface | munchkin

With Stinky Face, we encouraged moms to send in pictures of their kids making the titular expression as a way to put a cute and clever face on the fight against diaper odor. Leading with a broadcast quality commercial introducing the concept, our campaign was highlighted in PR Week, and included a Facebook-based contest and two demo videos. 

client: munchkin

project: web campaign

director: ben spiegelman

product: arm & hammer diaper pail

tub tub time

For this series of demo videos, our set builders created a realistic kitchen and bathroom, with removable walls and counters -- allowing us to film inside of the bathtub and sink.

client   brica

project   demo video

tripguard | munchkin

With this series of videos we worked to convey a serious topic, child safety, in a way that was fun and creative. We invented the S.T.A.R. Institute, and a world where child scientists put as much time into testing products as does Munchkin’s real life team. 

carry me | ergobaby

For Ergobaby’s versatile carrier, we created a series of informative, beautifully shot videos for a global audience that stuck very closely to the company’s detailed ergonomics guidelines, while differentiating the brand from the low-fi, white cyc videos favored by the competition. 

client   ergobaby

project   demo video

director   asher brown

product   ergobaby carrier

angelic | munchkin

For this lifestyle piece we called on our music video roots, creating a cinematic video that was aspirational and engaging, while also highlighting a long list of key product features.

client   munchkin

project   web campaign

director   lex edness

product   swaddle angel blanket

signature style

For this demo video, we kept things sweet & simple, highlighting features and focusing on the product. A little post-production magic allowed us to also showcase the bag's multiple colors and patterns. 


In order to highlight Bumbo International’s philanthropic efforts, we combined archival footage, still images, motion graphics, and voiceover to create a compelling, easily sharable mini-documentary.

client   bumbo

project   documentary

producer   brian jaggers

product   bumbo cares initiative